Bless the Birds Coming Soon!

Bless the Birds cover layout, with great blurbs from Lyanda Haupt, Craig Childs, and Kathleen Dean Moore. Thanks to all who read and wrote blurbs (there are more inside the book).

I confess that I have spent a lot of March playing hooky. My lack of discipline either comes from the sheer terror of having Bless the Birds, the newest and most gutsy of my book ouevre, close to hitting the streets, or from my resolve to take advantage of the company of the Guy, Badger, and the horses for the nearly four weeks they were here.

Honestly, I think it’s a combination of both. I haven’t entirely neglected book promotion, but I’ve logged more miles in the saddle than I have hours at my desk. Which is probably healthy, and part of why I am in pretty great physical shape right now.

Me, riding the arroyo on Sal, followed by my faithful shadow.

When the Guy arrived at the end of February, we were determined to ride every day if we could, and we managed at least a mile or two most days, and some days we went out for much longer, including one weekend when we rode a twelve-mile loop one day and then did a seven-mile cross-country (off trail) ride to a ruined 14th century pueblo the next. I admit that I needed a day to rest after that!

Three blondes and a paint head cross-country…. (That’s the horses; we riders are all going silver.)

The herd, Badger, and the Guy headed north on Thursday morning in a huge swirl of spring-is-coming-and-the-hayfields-need-preparation energy. So it’s suddenly pretty quiet around here, and I have no excuse for neglecting magazine and journal interviews, upcoming radio appearances, a potential blog book tour, and my planned year-long author conversation/podcast series, Living with Love — Cultivating Earth Sense. (Thanks to the amazing Dan Blank of We Grow Media for helping me clarify what I have to offer, which lead to the idea of this series.)

What’s ahead?

  • April 27 is the official publication date for Bless the Birds. If you’ve already ordered the book, you should get it then. If you haven’t, and you want a signed copy, Collected Works Bookstore here in Santa Fe has kindly agreed to be my official source for shipping signed books, so please contact the good folks there.
  • April 26 my blog book tour begins with a wide-ranging interview with author and translator C.M. Mayo on her Madam Mayo blog. C.M asks great questions, so we covered a lot of topics within Bless the Birds and beyond.
  • April 30, at 8:30 pm (ET), I’m reading as part of the NYC-based “The Greatest Indoor Reading Series.” It’s virtual, and I don’t know what other readers I’m paired with, but it’s bound to be an interesting evening! Join us via Zoom through the website.
  • May 4, Interview on the Richard Eeds Show. (Time TBA, sometime between 1:00 and 4:00 pm RMT, available as a podcast after the show.)
  • May 6, at 6:oo pm (RMT) is the big day: BOOK LAUNCH! Collected Works is hosting my Zoom-based conversation with fellow memoirist Kati Standefer, author of Lightning Flowersa personal and environmental accounting of the cost of advanced medical technology. Lightning Flowers is an Oprah and NYT book review editor’s pick, among other honors. Our talk is also the first conversation in my upcoming Living with Love — Cultivating Earth Sense series. Our topic: Living on the edge of death. Join us for what I know will be a fascinating and insightful exchange.
  • June 5 & 6 I’ll be in Lander, Wyoming, as faculty at Wyoming Writers 46th annual conference. If you can’t make it to Lander, at the foot of the spectacular Wind River Mountains and in the heart of Eastern Shoshone and Arapaho Indian country, you can also attend virtually.

There’s more, including an author conversation with philosopher Kathleen Dean Moore, author of Earth’s Wild Music, in June, followed by a conversation with Lyanda Haupt, author of Rooted: Life at the Crossroads of Science, Nature, and Spiritin July. But this is enough for now. (If you haven’t subscribed to my email newsletter, now’s a good time. I’ll send out periodic updates on my schedule.)

Bless the Birds and an interview with me was featured in the March-April issue of Neighbors Magazine. Illustration courtesy of editor Cheryl Fallstead.

8 thoughts on “Bless the Birds Coming Soon!

  • Joyce Boatright says:

    I am so excited for you. And I am excited for me, too, since I have your book on order. Keep spreading your joy, Susan. I am doing my happy dance in your honor.

    • Susan Tweit says:

      Joyce, Thank you so much! I can imagine you doing that happy dance, and it makes me smile. Blessings to you and yours.

  • Linda McAffrey says:

    I will contact the book store tomorrow. I found your blog about the time the birds appeared. It seems like yesterday and yet I know so much has changed for you and for me. I am excited to read the final approach you took with the book.
    And, I am as excited or more so to follow along on your journey.

    • Susan Tweit says:

      Thank you so much, Linda. As for time, as I say in BtB, that business of time folding in on itself is partly grief. It seems like yesterday and at the same time, it seems like a whole other lifetime away. Blessings to you on your journey.

  • I’m so excited about the book. Yes, it does seem only yesterday and a lifetime ago. I love reading about you riding adventures. I’m there in spirit and maybe in person this year, next, who knows. Love you so my dear old friend. Yes, I did write that. I was telling Sally how we met and the Womens Center at UWYo was a life time ago. Hugs.

    • Susan Tweit says:

      It was a lifetime ago, in so many ways. Forty years…. Eek. So I guess I am old, or at least not young anymore. Love you too, and I’m glad you’re here on Earth with us. Be well!

  • Good luck with the book. Your list of places to discuss it sounds awesome. In some ways, virtual has to be helpful to authors as it can reach so many potential readers around the world.

    • Susan Tweit says:

      It’s true that virtual events have a wider reach. It’s still weird to not be able to see your audience in person. So it goes these days!

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