Welcome to the new home of my blog on living mindfully, with heart outstretched to the Earth and its community of lives! This blog continues the “thinking out loud” from my “Walking Nature Home” blog (and before that, Community of the Land) on how to live our every days in a terraphilic way, meeting whatever comes with an open heart and playful, generous spirit.

What’s new here is easy access to the rest of my work. Click on a button in the navigation bar above to browse my books, articles and commentaries and audio books; to see where I’ll be speaking in the coming months; to learn about my upcoming workshops or find about one-on-one writing coaching; to check out who I am and what else I’m working on; and once I figure out how to import my slideshows into this site, to see some of my award-winning “wildscape” designs, restoring nature in urban places. I’ll continue to refine the site and add more photos and writing.

I hope you’ll find this new site welcoming, informative, and inspiring. Please let me know what you think!