Welcome to My New Website!

I often say in commenting about my writing that I know I’m not fast. But I am GOOD. 

I’ve got a sassy new haircut too!

That also applies to my part of the work in building this new website. What you see here took months longer than I imagined to create, but the result is worth it, I think. Feel free to explore the site and its new pages—some are still under construction—and let me know your thoughts. 

Once you’ve clicked through and read the most current blog post, take a look at the menu bar at the top of each page. In order to make the website mobile-friendly (easy to navigate on the smaller screens of smartphones and tablets), the menu bar offers just four choices: Home (where you started), Writing, Talks & Teaching, and Meet Susan. 

Home is a single page. The other three lead to sub-pages. (Clicking on the photos in the slide show on the home page will take you to some of those pages.) 

Writing leads to “Blog,” including the most recent post and an archive of posts back to when I began this blog. Then comes “Books,” with links to pages for each of my twelve books, and a new feature readers have asked for: a Paypal button allowing you to buy books directly from me. (There are also links to other ways to buy my books as well.) Note that the Paypal button only appears for books I actually am able to purchase and keep in stock (some of my books are out-of-print). 

Writing also includes “Anthologies” with details on other collections that include my work, “Articles” with links to pieces I’ve written that are available on the internet, and “Audiobooks.”

Talks & Teaching includes pages for “Events,” with details on where I’m appearing and what I’m teaching next, and links to how to sign up or find more information; and “What I Offer,” including links to videos of some of my talks and other appearances, examples of the kinds of workshops I teach, as well as individual coaching and private writing retreats. 

Meet Susan includes “About Me,” which gives a sense of who I am and why I write and restore nature nearby; “News,” with links to recent awards, publications, interviews and other news; “Residency Program,” details on the Terraphilia Artist/Writer Residency program offered in memory of my late husband; “EarthWork,” a look at the habitat-restoration projects I’m involved with and my occasional landscape design projects; and of course, “Contact Me,” which is just what it says. 

Like life, this website is a work-in-progress. (You’ll see some pages marked “under construction.”) I may not be a quick writer, but I always aim for being a good one, which to me means inspiring, moving, informative, lyrical and even fun. That’s my aim for this site too. 

Please explore and let me know what you think—in addition to what you liked, feel free to point out any problems or issues, and tell me what you’d like to see that you didn’t find. Enjoy!