I’ve written memoir (Walking Nature Home, a Life’s Journey; Barren, Wild and Worthless, Living in the Chihuahuan Desertand Pieces of Light: A Year on Colorado’s Front Range), travel books (Colorado Scenic Byways, Colorado Less Traveled, and The San Luis Valley), nature essays (Barren Wild and Worthless, The San Luis Valley, Seasons on the Pacific Coast, Seasons in the Desert, and Pieces of Light), gardening (The Rocky Mountain Garden Survival Guide), nature guides (Meet the Wild Southwest and The Great Southwest Nature Factbook), books for young adults (Meet the Wild Southwest) and kids (City Foxes), and a nature journal (Pieces of Light).

My books have won national and regional awards, and given me the more personal reward of letters and emails from fans who say that my words touched their hearts, changed the way they see the world, inspired them to travel, garden, fall in love with a place, or appreciate the world in new ways.

Each of these books is a love letter to the earth and its living web of lives, humans included. May they touch your life and open your eyes and heart!