I was sitting in the exam room with my family doctor, Mary Reeves, last Thursday morning, when she said, “You know I read your blog.”

“I do,” I looked away, a little embarrassed.

“I always chuckle when you write another post that says, ’I’m re-learning how to work less.’”

Mary, who has been my family physician and friend for the better part of 18 years, has a long memory and knows me too well. She’s also brilliant at pinpointing when I go off the track with my health.

There's a Buddhist story about a frustrated student who asks the retreat leader how many times she has to learn a lesson before she can move on. The teacher pauses, thinks, and says, "As many times as you need."

Yellow pear tomatoes, round red stupice, and oblong Pompeii romas, all from plants I grew with my own hands, thanks to Renee's Garden Seeds. Yellow pear tomatoes, round red Stupice, and oblong Pompeii romas, all from plants I grew with my own hands, thanks to
The aspens were turning gold on the slopes of Buffalo Peaks in South Park on Saturday, something I saw only because I tore myself away from work to take Red for a drive. Aspens turning gold on the slopes of Buffalo Peaks in South Park--definitely worth the time and gas for a drive in Red.

Last week, when 24-year-old Rachel Fredrickson walked on stage as the winner of season 15 of "The Biggest Loser," many viewers gasped. Fredrickson started the show at 260 pounds; she ended up 105, losing 155 pounds, more than half her body weight. She looked anorexic.

The Oklahoma Panhandle, between Guymon and Boise City, a landscape that brings new meaning to the word 'level.' the Oklahoma Panhandle between Guymon and Boise City
Evening-primrose "snow" on a flat above the Arkansas River, Colorado Pallid evening-primrose "snow" on a flat along the Arkansas River, Bighorn Sheep Canyon, Colorado
Molly Cabe and Carol Ley, harpist for Angel of Shavano Hospice, play a duet in our living room, November, 2011
Richard talking about his sculpture work, Salida Artposium, Colorado Art Ranch. (Photo by Grant Pound, courtesy of Colorado Art Ranch)

Coast redwood grove at dawn

Richard after the brain-drain procedure, February 2011

Sunset while compiling tax data...

Richard on a "walk" to the river, with Molly, my dad, my brother Bill, and my sister-in-law Lucy

Yesterday morning, I hopped into my trusty little Subaru Forester, the car I call "Mountain Goat" for its ability to nimbly handle seeminly any road conditions, and drove to Westcliffe, a former mining town on the upper edge of the wide Wet Mountain Valley to attend an all-day workshop on creating websites with Wordpress.

First the book. I'm slowly catching up on my stack of books-to-review. This week I picked up The Fleece & Fiber Sourcebook, by Deborah Robson and Carol Ekarius, from Storey Publishing. (Disclosure: I know both authors. Which matters not a whit in this case: I'd write the same review regardless. This book blew me away.)

Richard's sculpture, "Matriculation" at Salida's Steamplant Sculpture Park