Welcome to my every-so-often mid-week posts highlighting books on my reading stack. Some are books I've sought out, some come to me for review, and others are gifts.

The first one straddles the zone between science writing, nature journal, and memoir. That reach makes for a fascinating read.

Molly Cabe and Carol Ley, harpist for Angel of Shavano Hospice, play a duet in our living room, November, 2011
Dad at Highlands Garden Village in the public garden he and Mom helped maintain.
Local beets topped by mixed greens and local goat cheese with a lemon vinaigrette, plus grilled rock shrimp. Yum!
Dad with his two youngest great-grandkids, Liam and Colin Roland, at my brother's house in Olympia, Washington
Richard talking about his sculpture work, Salida Artposium, Colorado Art Ranch. (Photo by Grant Pound, courtesy of Colorado Art Ranch)
Smoke from the Springer Fire turns the dawn orange over the Arkansas Hills last week.

You have to get over the color green.

Sunset while compiling tax data...

I didn't intend to renovate my life. After Richard died last November, I figured I'd hibernate for several months to recover from the journey with his brain cancer, especially the last four weeks of caregiving while simultaneously learning to let go.