In Thornyhold, one of Mary Stewart's later novels, the heroine says that a message came to her "like a gift from the air." 

Richard 'n Susan Richard 'n Susan

For almost 29 years, I was half of two, the Susan in "Richard-'n-Susan." We fell in love at first sight at the birthday dinner of a mutual friend, after which my housemates invited him over to grill him (they didn't trust my instincts).

The first page of the sale flyer for my house/cottage/historic studio. The first page of the sale flyer for my house/cottage/historic studio. (Click the "sale flyer" link in the blog text to the left to download the actual flyer.)
Pouring the slab, the floor of my tiny-house-to-be this morning. Pouring the slab, the floor of my tiny-house-to-be. (The blue walls in front are the foundation.)

Two extraordinary hand-made books have landed on my desk recently, one printed conventionally but written in the author's fluid calligraphy and illustrated from her field-journals, and the other entirely hand-made, even the paper.

Rhymes With Orange, Copyright Hilary B. Price
The house from outside, looking across my native bunchgrass/wildflower front yard.

I live in a house heated by the sun in winter, and cooled by the down-valley breezes in summer, a house designed to look unassuming from the outside as if it's always been there, with an interior that elicits "Wow!"s.

Biscayne Bay and the Venetian Causeway from my hotel room balcony (that's Miami Beach in the distance).
World Enough & Time, by Christian McEwen

The subtitle of this intriguing book, "On Creativity and Slowing Down," makes it clear what the title alludes to: the cost of our culture's "hurry sickness" on our creative energy, the very spirit that makes life rewarding, worth living. As poet and teacher Christian McEwen writes:

Phillip Mann installing the sculptural sign he designed and fabricated for the residency program

The antique Indian basket with the strangely plain inside

(Warning: This is a long post, in part because the story takes place over decades. As one of the participants in this tale said: Everything takes time.)

The mother-in-law apartment in back of my grandparent's house

Even if I had gotten more than four hours of sleep last night, I still wouldn't be able to do justice to the week I've just spent in Miami working with three inspiring writing colleagues, and 22 amazing 17- and 18-year-old writers.