I fell in love with audio recordings when I had the opportunity to write and record a weekly radio commentary for KRWG-FM, public radio in southern New Mexico and west Texas for nearly seven years. Working with two great producers--thank you, Tom Huizenga and David Brower!--I learned how to use my voice and my words to conjure images and stories out of the air, as it were.

My dream of recording the audio for one of my own books came true when I had the opportunity to narrate the audiobook version of my memoir, Walking Nature Home. Narrating an audiobook takes a lot longer than you'd think--I spent weeks recording at a microphone in my home office and then playing each section, listening for errors, re-recording and editing, using a custom recording desk my late husband, Richard built for me. Recording my own work was an intense and rich experience, yielding a new and deeper experience of a story I thought I already knew well. 

After recording the audiobook version of Walking Nature Home, I worked on a project of my own, a compilation of some of my favorite of my radio commentaries in a collection called "WildLives" after my long-running show. Click on the cover images below to learn more about each project and listen to samples. Enjoy!